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November 06, 2017

How to Set and Accomplish Career Goals Easier in 2018

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Set and Accomplish Career Goals Easier...

By Candace Alstad-Davies, Owner A+ Resumes for Teachers

Grab a coffee, pen, paper or whatever you need to get started on this vital step in your life and career.

1. Set Realistic, Specific, and Measurable Career Goals: You will need to have a vision, daily goals, strategic year plan, and use many of your characteristics.

2. The End of Your Life Reflection Question: When envisioning yourself at the end of your life, what will you have wanted to accomplish? Write down the 3-5 main points that come to mind. This exercise will help you determine what's most important to you and the main goals you should be working towards.

3. Reflect on Your Past Career Achievements: Take some time to think back on 2017 and what your job achievements were - write them down. How far you've come can help you to figure out where you want to go next in your career. Self-reflection is a great activity for growth.

4. What Do You Value in Your Career And Personal Life? To set lasting career goals, you need to know what's important to you in life. When your goals match your values, you will get more enjoyment our of achieving them.

5. Be Ambitious: Be enthusiastic about what you want to achieve. You can't expect to reach great things if you don't allow yourself to dream. It's okay to dream big!

6. Set Goals that Are SMART: SMART refers to goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and have a timeline.

7. Be Specific When Writing Your Career Goals: If the goal you set is too broad, it will be much harder for you to achieve it. Be specific about your career aspirations and professional goals that you've set.

8. Understand Your Motivation for Each Career Goal: Identify the motivation behind the goal. Ask yourself: why do you want to achieve this goal?

9. Break Your Career or Personal Goals Down: Your goal can be big, but break it down into manageable chunks to keep it from becoming overwhelming. Prioritize what needs to be completed.

10. Share Your 2018 Career Goals: Once you share your goals with others, it will become more real. You will also be made more committed and accountable to them.

11. Make a Plan: Write out a plan or a to-do list to help you get closer to achieving your goals. Figure out what you need to do to get started on the right path.

12. Assess the Risks of Accomplishing Your Goals: Identify any obstacles that might get in your way of achieving your goals. Don't expect everything to go perfectly - be as proactive as you can. You may need to be flexible and come up with alternative ways of doing things.

13. Identify Your Resources: What courses, people, or websites, etc. can help you achieve your goal? You might be able to get help or advice from a mentor, colleague, career coach, family member, friend, or online professional social networks. Reading books or blogs can ignite your enthusiasm and gain knowledge to obtain your 2018 career goal.

14. Set a Reasonable Time Frame: Make your action plan even more formidable by setting it to a time-frame. Consider how long each step toward your primary goal will take, and then set a due date next to each one.

15. Stay Motivated: Achieving your 2018 career goals should be your motivation. It's the driving force that propels you forward. What is your motivator? More money, time off, respect on the job, an opportunity for advancement, or smaller class sizes?

16. Stay Focused: Identify your priorities to help you spend your time wisely and on the right tasks. Track your efforts to minimize time spent on tasks that don't contribute to your goals. Eliminate outside distractions and stick to your to-do list.

17. Hold Yourself Accountable: Hold yourself accountable to the goals you've set for yourself. Make sure your goals are achievable within a realistic time-frame.

18. Reward Your Efforts: When you've completed an action or step towards your 2018 goal, reward yourself. Rewards will help to keep you motivated.

19. Evaluate and Fine Tune Your Carer Progress in 2018: It's important to consistently check in with yourself to see how you are progressing. Assess which areas of your plan are working and which areas might need to be tweaked. Make any necessary adjustments.

20. Reach out to Mentor or Accountability Buddy: Enlist a mentor or friend to help keep you accountable to your career goals. Just like a workout partner or personal trainer can help you get in shape, so can having a mentor or accountability buddy assist you with your career goals.

Candace Alstad-Davies, founder of A+ Resumes for Teachers, has 16+ years of expertise empowering savvy career-minded educators to advance their careers easily, quickly, and with less stress!

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