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March 06, 2017

6 Tips for Success in a Remote Job Interview

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Tips For A Remote Job Interview

By Syed Faris Hussain, Professional Digital Marketer

When you apply for a remote job, you may still be required to conduct a remote interview before being hired. As remote jobs becoming more common, job interviews have become a popular way for potential employers to see if you might be a good fit. Virtual interviews are usually conducted via an instant messenger such as Skype or over the telephone. It pays off to be properly prepared and to use the right strategies for success.

Get prepared technically.

You need to get all the equipment and software necessary for the remote job interview in advance. If you cannot invest in a computer camera, for instance, you can borrow one from a friend. You have to check the connection no matter whether you will be interviewed over the internet or over the phone.

It is equally important that you get well familiar with the hardware and software which you will be using. You have to know how to adjust the settings and how to troubleshoot basic problems.

Do the required research.

You will have to conduct extensive research to learn as much as possible about the company and its culture. You should check not only their website, but their profile on the different social networks. You should get enough information which will help you to present yourself as the problem-solver which they are looking for. You should also get an idea of how to dress and how to approach the interviewer.

Get some practice.

This is really important especially given the fact that you will have to handle the technology while focusing on the essence of the job interview. You can practice with a friend who should give you feedback on technical things like volume, light and interference and on personal performance aspects like confidence, clarity of the answers and professional conduct. Take note of any weaknesses and work to eliminate them to ensure that you will pull the best performance.

Arrange the right setting.

For the remote job interview, you will need a quiet room which is well lit. You have to ensure that the background which the interviewer will see is neat and tidy. The background should be as professional as possible. Avoid having personal items like family photos behind you. Books are a much better option.

Approach the interview professionally.

You should dress professionally from top to bottom as if you are going to a traditional interview. Make sure that you are on time and that your equipment is ready. You should focus on having a positive attitude and on smiling even if you cannot see the interviewer. While the person talks, you should make it known that you are listening by saying "yes" when appropriate.

Use helpful cues.

You can prepare notes with information on the company, statistical data and the questions which you plan to ask. Just remember that these are just cues. You should not look into them all the time.

You are now ready for nailing the remote job interview.

Syed Faris Hussain, founder of Force Growth, is a highly skilled, proficient digital marketer with over 13 years of extensive experience in strategic and creative digital marketing with more than 4000 local and international clients. Syed possesses strong commercial acumen and expertise as a marketing strategist; transforming analytical results into actionable and business relevant recommendations. To learn more about Syed, contact him on LinkedIn.

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