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February 07, 2011

Earn More Money: Turn Your Skills Into Income

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Turn Your Skills Into Income

By Andrea Drew, Impressive Resumes

If you are out of work and are having a difficult time finding another job, you do have some alternatives.

Many of us fantasize about working for ourselves and starting our own business, but few of us ever find the right opportunity to fulfill this dream. Some, on the other hand, simply have no idea where to start or what to do in order to earn enough to pay the bills.

One common mistake so many individuals make is to assume that what they were doing for their regular job would be what they would need to do at home, as well. Not true! Your goal here is to get over the economic crunch by assessing your skills and turning your spare time into some cash flow. If it turns into a long term business venture, all the better!

Do you have skills that you can translate into cash? Is there anything you can do that someone would pay you to do? Yes, you do! Many individuals fail to make the connection at this point. Everyone wants to work from home but when it comes to figuring out how, they run into a road block.

Many of us have skills we aren't even aware of, yet other people would gladly pay us for.

Here are some examples of individuals who have lost their jobs and who have turned a skill into income:

  • Penny was a secretary. She was a genius at organizing small spaces. She learned how to focus her energies on helping people in small living spaces build storage space. Within a few months almost everyone in her 36 unit building had become a paying client.

  • Jody was a hospital admitting clerk. Because of her love for animals it was a natural progression for her to become a pet sitter for everyone in her development. She walks dogs, bathes them, takes them to vet appointments, feeds them, and organizes "play dates" for groups at a time. Not only does she care for kitties and dogs, but she also cares for birds, two snakes, a host of lizards, tropical fish, and one adorable Vietnamese Potbellied Pig.

  • Bob worked in customer service for a mobile phone company. He had always been a techno-junky and everyone he knew had always leaned on him for all sorts of technical help with everything from setting up a new mobile phone to installing a new plasma TV. Once he got sacked, he realized there was some serious money to be made just by doing what he had always been doing - helping people in their own homes solve their technical problems for a tiny fraction of what major stores would charge for the same service.
If you can't cook, are allergic to animals, or still can't even program a VCR - don't worry! Almost everyone can do something special!

Could you ....
  • Type, design spread sheets, answer emails, build a web site?
  • Arrange flowers? Make gift baskets?
  • Knit, crochet, sew? Tailor clothes? Take up hems?
  • Design and make any type of baby product such as baby clothes, baby furniture, decorations, wall stencils, etc.?
  • Do any type of gardening - plant, weed, seed, design?
  • Shop?
  • Plan social events?
  • Refinish furniture or even decks?
  • Perform some heavy duty detail work around the house such as cleaning crystal chandeliers or glazing marble floors?
  • Drive people to appointments?
  • Babysit? Care for elders?
  • Type? Use a computer? Compile spreadsheets?
  • Work on car problems? (Change the oil, or detail a car - hand wash and wax, etc.)
  • Help friends and neighbors with errands, shopping, carpooling the kids to games and appointments?
Granted, performing many of these services above won't make you rich, but it could make the difference between paying bills and losing your credit rating.

Starting a business can be overwhelming.

Keep in mind, it takes more than desire and good intentions to open a business and be successful. But don't let the idea of starting a business overwhelm you. If this all seems a bit scary, then you may want to consider starting a franchise business instead.

Depending on the franchise, a few of the benefits you might gain are: a business concept with a track record for success, management training, a ready-made business or marketing plan to follow and ready-made ads, brochures, and other sales and marketing aids. So whether you're an entrepreneur or a parent who desires to start your own a business, owning a franchise business could be a smart decision for you.

Working for yourself can be one of the greatest things in the world for you financially. There is no limit to what you can earn when you are your own boss. The harder you work and the smarter your ideas, the more you can earn!

Good luck!

Andrea Drew formed Impressive Resumes in 1998 and the business has grown steadily over the last 10 years. It is an enjoyment of the English language, and a lifetime passion for writing, which she brings to the company, in the preparation and writing of resumes. In her spare time she writes books - her latest offering was released as an e-book in July 2010. With a background in Human Resources and Recruitment, Andrea has worked in helping people gain employment since 1992.

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